Sunday, July 5, 2009


Hey everyone! I have realized that my makeup collection has gotten.. well.. out of hand. So, I have decided to sell some of my makeup. Some things are brand new and never opened or used! Others, have been. Make sure to read the description of the product you are wanting to purchase! While the products sell, I will be editing this and putting SOLD! next to the item if it is already gone, so make sure to check if it is sold already! 

Rules: (basically the same as Laura's or Lollipop26)

1) If you want an item, say so in the comments along with your Paypal email address. I will then send you an invoice.

2) Paypal is the only method of payment accepted - it's just easier and more secure.

3) Please ensure you pay for the item immediately upon receiving the invoice - or at least some time within the next 24 hours; otherwise the item will be reposted and will not be reserved for you.

4) If you do not have a paypal account, but would like the product. Then you can comment for me to reserve it for you while you make a paypal account. If you do not get back to me with in an hour. The product will be back up for grabs! 

5) I will ship to the continental US only. Sorry! But that is easy for me!

6) Shipping is $3 for the first item, and add $.50 for each additional item. 

7) No returns.

SOLD! Item #1: Mac Hello Kitty Beauty Powder in 'Tahitian Sand' - Originally $22, My price $15

This beauty powder is from the infamous Hello Kitty collection from mac. It has been swatched one time, but I always reached for something else to use instead. The color is a soft coral/peach. The real reason I got this was to depot the tahitian sand when it was finished, and put a blotting powder in it so I could carry it around with me in the cute compact! But it doesn't look like I will ever finish it. Remember, this was limited edition, you cannot get it anymore! 

SOLD! Item #2: Mac Hello Kitty Eye Shadow Quad in 'Lucky Tom' - Originally $38, My price $30

This quad comes with 4 mac eyeshadows (creme royal, paradisco, stylin', lucky tom) all in a cute Hello Kitty compact. I have swatched these colors about 3 times, and I have used it on my eyes only once (to do a tutorial). It is still priced so high, is because it was limited edition, so you cannot get it anymore! Also, you get 4 mac eyeshadows that compliment each other! 

SOLD! Item #3: Urban Decay Ammo Palette - Originally $36, My price $25

This palette is absolutely amazing! The ONLY reason I am selling it is because I have 3 other urban decay palettes, and several single urban decay eyeshadows. I went through the palette and all of the colors I have in either another palette or a single eye shadow, so I do not need this. This palette has been used about 15 times, and none of the eye shadows are even close to hitting pan! The sponge tip applicator, well, I would not recommend using it for sanitary purposes. I do have to say the packaging is a little bit dirty. It comes with 10 urban decay eye shadows that are very pigmented and glittery. I have done videos on youtube using this, so now you can recreate the look!   

SOLD! Item #4: MakeUp ForEver Concealer Palette in #3 - Originally $36, My price $30

This palette comes with 5 shades of concealer, including one with a red hue so that you can concealer blue circles under your eyes. I bought this spur of the moment, and have only swatched the red color. The other 4 concealers remain untouched. I honestly cannot tell you why I bought this since I love the concealer I have now. But if you have large, blue under eye circles then this is for you! 

SOLD! Item #5: Naked Cosmetics Eye Shadow Row in 'Debonaire' - Originally $60, My Price $45

These 6 loose shadows are perfect to create the ultimate smokey eye. The story behind this is kind of weird. But here is what happened.. I bought all 17 rows of colors at IMATS and when she was bagging them, she picked up two debonaires and left out another color (which wasn't that great of one, so I don't mind). Anyways, this product is still sealed and never opened or touched. It is my new favorite way to do a smokey eye. So be expecting some tutorials of different ways to use it! 

SOLD! Item #6: Mac Mineralized Eye Shadow Duo in 'Love Connection' - Originally $19, My price $10

This mineralize eye shadow duo works well on any skin tone, and it really brightens up your eyes. It comes with a light golden beige side, and a blue and gold side. The colors go great together! This leaves a pearl finish that give a soft dimensional shimmer after applied. I have used this probably around 10 times, but I like to reach for more dramatic things in my collection. 

SOLD! Item #7: Color Lip Fusion in 'Smooch' and 'Kiss' - Originally $40, My price $15

These lip plumpers are quite possibly the best on the market. I own these myself and reach for them all the time. In my latest video (I'm in Seventeen Magazine) I am wearing smooch! (don't worry, a different one!) These two lip plumpers have never been used. I only opened them to take a picture, but they have never been used. Keep in mind - these do not sting your lips, and give you a beautiful, sexy pout!

Item #8: Makeup Forever Star Powder - Originally $19, My price $13

Color #1- 958 A true to color chartreuse with shimmer.
SOLD! Color #2- 910 A forest green with gold reflects.
SOLD! Color #3- 950 A smokey grey with silver sparkles. (PERFECT for a smokey eye!) 
Color #4- 920 A vivid yellow with shimmer
SOLD! Color #5- 922 A melon/copper with fine gold shimmer. 
So, basically, I bought these. Then when I bought my naked desserts loose shadows, I didn't need these. None of them have been opened and they all still have the seal on them. They also come in the box! Star powders are very very fine pigments that are  SO beautiful.

SOLD! Item #9- Mac Kohl Powder Eyeliner in 'Orpheus' - Originally $15, My price $10

This eyeliner is my absolute FAVORITE! It was limited edition through mac and I bought 4 :/ Well, I am still on my 2nd. So I am just going to get rid of this one. It has never been used! It is a black with gold reflects. I love this with a neutral eye when you don't want heavy black eyeliner - this is the best! Since it is a Kohl Power eyeliner, it goes on super easy and if you run a q-tip over it, it smudges into a beautiful smokey liner!

SOLD! Item #10- Lancome Neutral Quad - IDK the original price (Probably $30), My price $5

I have to admit, this one is pretty used. It's not that the shadows have even been worn a lot. It is just the the packaging looks like its been through a lot! hahaha. It makes a BEAUTIFUL neutral eye and the quad comes with a peach, baby pink, chocolate brown, and gold. They are all shimmery except for the brown, which is matte. 

Item #11- Almay Pure Blend Eyeshadow - Original Price $8, My price $3

1: Cocoa
2: Stone
SOLD! 3: Lavender
4: Ivory
SOLD!5: Petal
These shadows can be purchased at any drugstore. I just need to get rid of them since 4 have not even been opened. I know I will never wear them. One of them has been opened and swatched (the one in the middle) but they have never been worn. These are 98.2% natural and organic... so save the world! 

SOLD! Item #12- Almay Pure Blend Blush in 'Bouquet' - Originally $12, My price $5

This blush is a pretty peach color (comparable to mac peachtwist) I have opened this to look at it, but never used it. It is 98.2% natural and organic.