Monday, July 27, 2009

My Monday Morning

Hey everyone,
     So let me tell you how eventful my monday morning has been.   I woke up around 10 AM and was excited I was feeling better.  I twittered that I would be filming and uploading a tutorial today- and I was going to go ahead and hop in the shower.  Well, in the shower I started feeling nauseous so I turned the water all the way to cold - which I normally hate, but for some reason it felt so soothing.  The only thing I remember is that I thought I was going to throw up, so I turned around to open the shower door.  I woke up laying at the bottom of the shower with cold water spewing all over me.  I knew what had happened- I had passed out... again.  I started to get up but my head and back were killing me.  I managed to get up and get dressed before yelling for my mom.  She came in and checked my head (apparently when I fell, my head hit the faucet.)  So I told her my back was hurting- and turns out, it was already bruising.  I lay down on the floor while my mom held ice to my head and back and argued with other family members whether to take me to the hospital or not.
     We decided that for now I should just lie in bed and see how I'm feeling.  I feel too nauseous to eat, but am drinking a sugary ice tea.  We think that I pass out in the morning a lot (a lot being about 4-6 times a year) because I don't eat anything until after I have gotten ready for the day and/or filmed a video. So we have now decided that when I wake up- I need to put a piece of sugary candy in my mouth before I get out of bed - ex. a peppermint. 
     If anyone has had this happen to them- how did you cure it?  I'm tired of it....
     So, I guess my reason of telling you all this was so that you could know that I am not putting a video up today- Sorry!