Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Update On My Life

     My life has been some what crazy- to say the least- these past few weeks. So I guess this will just be one of those boring updates, where I tell you what has been going on with me. 


     So it all started when I went to LA for IMATS (International Makeup Artist Tradeshow.) It was so much fun! On saturday we went and were able to meet a lot of people I look up to in the youtube world. Some of these people include-- pursebuzz, enkoremakeup, xsparkage, pertilude, macnc40, fafinettex3, and tons of other people! Including some subscribers!!! You can check out my fan facebook page for pictures from that event here:
     On sunday we went back to IMATS until 12. Then, I got to go shopping with my sister, Elle, and Aubrey, fafinettex3!!! Aubrey's boyfriend, Chi (like the straightener) was there also. We went shopping in orange county then went to Hollywood to take pictures by the famous sign.
     Pretty much... I have decided LA is the perfect place to live. You have the mountains, and the beach. It is about 75 degrees year round. So never super cold or super hot. It is a busy town, and everything is there, but you can still drive your own car. Also, it's clean (unlike NYC).

     Then I went to Tallahassee, FL. I stayed there about 2 weeks. It was just to vacation and visit family. I miss my aunt, Delilah, SO much. She is one of my closest friends! I also want to go back to see some friends I had to leave there... Basically, this was just family time.

     After FL, I went to Atlanta, GA. This was to visit more family and I only stayed there for 1 night. This is where I bought all 15 issues of my 17 magazine!! 

    I got home from GA on Monday. Tuesday morning I was booking a flight for my mom and I to go to NYC. Mainly to visit Elle. We left my house on thursday night and drove the few hours to the airport in Charlotte (we fly out of here so that we can fly jet blue!) We stayed in a hotel that night.... and I forgot to put my moms carry on in the car. So she didn't have her shoes, computer, curlers, and other essentials!! Friday morning we were at the airport at 6am. Our flight landed in NYC at 8:30 in the morning. 
    We took a taxi into Manhattan to Elle's apartment. We spent the afternoon shopping. I bought my coach poppy bag (the pop c tote.) At 5 we went to a cute little place to get mani/pedi's with Karen, and Sharon. Karen is the creater of purple lab (the 'huge lips skinny hips' gloss!) They are the nicest people in the world! I feel like Karen is my long lost sister!! I also then got my blue coach poppy bag at this time. I thought I was going to cry. I wanted it SOO badly, but it was $200 more than the one I ended up buying myself. Still, to this day, I cannot thank you enough. (you know who you are!) I have carried that bag every day but once (the time I wasn't wearing the blue one, I was wearing my other Poppy bag) since I got it!!! Even if I am not wearing Blue! 
      We then went out to dinner with Karen and Sharon to the cutest mexican restaurant. Dee met us there too!
     Saturday, I went to the 789 gathering with Jen and met whatthebuck! I also met a loyal follower Ariel, she was SOO cute! I even signed her shirt, which was the highlight of MY day. I saw soundlyawake (he was so nice!) jpmettz, macnc40, and petrilude. Then, Jen and I went to eat sushi! We decided to just wander around times square, and ended up going to see 'The Little Mermaid' on broadway. It was absolutely adorable! I also got to see Drew Steely play prince Eric!! It started raining on us then, so I bought an umbrella. and a 2 tee shirts from planet hollywood- one says 'remember me, one day i'll be famous', and 2 keychains, and a slice of pizza!
     Sunday, Jamie (Jamiexdoll) came into the city with her friend Dana and we met up! I rode in a taxi all by myself!! haha. I went to pen station to meet them. Then we went shopping all day. We went to sephora, forever21, charlotte russe, free people, anthropology, mac, and saks 5th avenue. In the middle of the day we went to Sbarro pizza, and I got salad dressing ALL over my cute h&m dress. So I changed into one I had bought at free people! They got back on the train and went home around 6 or 7. 
     Let me just say, Jamie and Dana are two of the sweetest people I have ever met. I know I will always have true friends in them! I can call Jamie anytime, and she's the type of person I know will be there for me!
     Monday... What did I do monday? hahaha. Who knows?!?!?!
     Tuesday I went to Heleinas to buy my fake bangs! Then we ate grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon and tomato on it. Then flew back to Charlotte, and drove home. 

     Now I have just been concentrating on my videos! I hope this update isn't totally boring. Maybe 1 person read it all the way through? Haha. Tell me what you think of the new layout. Abbie made it! smashurbox from youtube! 


BTW, my music obsession of the day has been 'Hot Air Balloon' by Owl City. And any song from Demi Lovatos new CD! Tell me your favorite song by Demi!